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Some of Our Adventures

Whitewater Rafting        

Whether the Kern River, Sacramento River, or the Colorado ... it's always an amazing experience!


Our annual rocket launch on the Lucerne Dry Lake (Mojave Desert) is an annual  favorite


From the local Marine Protected Areas off Laguna Beach to Channel Island National Park ... we get out there to kayak, snorkel, & SCUBA!

Beginner Backpacks

Our backpacking program begins with short, local treks geared to young scouts - giving them a fun experience to learn about the wild and to encourage them to want to do more!

Easter Science Treks

Each spring we hit the road for a multi-day, family oriented camping experience dedicated to science.  Always a HUGE hit!

BSA Summer Camp

The BSA practically invented summer camp!  Each year our troop travels to a BSA camp of their choosing and spends a week in the outdoors with all the amazing activities the BSA has to offer!  

Sierra B Prep
2 Day, Local Prep Trek

As scouts grow in both size and experience, they are encouraged to explore deeper into the mountains.  Our Sierra B Prep is a weekend backpacking trek into the local mountains to prepare scouts for their first summer Sierra excursion.

Sierra B
4 Day, 15-30 miles

Every summer our troop offers a 4-day backpacking trek into the Sierras.  The "Sierra B" is geared towards our Junior High+ scouts, typically anchoring a trek around a lake side base camp with day excursions to bag nearby peaks, fish in pristine wilderness lakes, or explore as boys desire.  These treks are considered one of the crown jewels of our troop.

Rock Climbing

Our troop is closely associated with  the Orange County BSA Rock Climbing Committee.   Annual excursions to Joshua Tree are a troop favorite!

First Class Emphasis Camp

To help our younger scouts get to know one another, and to advance in their early ranks, we host an annual weekend campout focused on older scouts teaching younger scouts the necessary skills to advance to First Class.

Marine Protected Areas

Kayaking and camping in the Channel Islands National Park ... to SCUBA diving offshore at Naples Marine Protected Area ... our troop loves the ocean!

Sierra A Prep
2 Day, Local Prep Trek

For our advanced scouts.   The Sierra A Prep is a weekend backpacking trek into the local mountains to prepare scouts for their first summer Sierra  50+ mile backpacking experience!

Local Mountain Treks

Day hiking Saddleback Mountain, Summiting Mt. San Gorgonio (11,503'), trekking the Pacific Crest Trail in our local mountains ... you gotta love Southern California!

Sierra A
7 Day, 50+ miles Backpacking

The CROWN JEWEL of our troop!  Each summer we offer our older, more experienced scouts the opportunity to explore deep into the Sierras.  From large segments of the John Muir Trail, to off-trail expeditions over Italy Pass, to Trans-Sierra treks navigating from one edge of the Sierras to the other ... these are experiences rarely had by most people - let alone most scouts.  


With over 40 trail building projects sponsored since our troop's inception, we are restoring the wild lands in which we play!

Local Desert Treks

Desert backpacking through Joshua Tree, exploring the sand dunes in the Mojave National Preserve, crawling through box canyons in Death Valley ... the desert is alive with exciting opportunity!

Eagle Service Projects

Over 70 young men have earned the rank of Eagle Scout in Troop 1210.  Their projects range from restoring the mountains and oceans to helping our local community.  These projects form a central component of our troop.

Death Valley 50 Mile Cycling

A troop classic!  Typically held every other year, Junior High+ scouts can earn the Cycling Merit Badge with their final, 50-mile ride in Death Valley ... in the winter.  :)

Telescope Peak, 
Death Valley National Park

Deep in Death Valley National Park is this 11,043' elevation peak ... ever so close to the lowest point in the Continental US - Bad Water Basin (-282')

Channel Islands National Park

Board the Island Packers ferry in Venture Harbor and join us to explore Santa Cruz Island and parts unknown


Wander a fairyland of twists and turns amidst Utah canyons!


Be a blacksmith ... as Mr. Bron Draganov takes you back to past, and you make your very own creations from raw metal.

Snowshoe Backpacking

Camping in the snow is fun ... and if you know how to do it right, even comfortable.  

White Mountain,
Inyo National Forest

At 14,252', summiting White Mountain is an experience to remember!


If you can dream it, Troop 1210 is interested in trying it.  The examples here are samples of what we've done in the past ... and we're always looking for new adventures!!

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